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Right now, Tinsley Recreation Ground (pictured above), the only publicly accessible open green space in the Tinsley area, is being concreted over by the Labour-run Sheffield City Council despite numerous objections from local people.

In January, Labour sold off Cobnar Cottage, part of the Graves Park Trust, which was gifted to the people of Sheffield by Alderman J.G Graves in the 1920s to be used by the people of Sheffield as parkland “in perpetuity”.

But that’s not the end of it.

Labour's plans to sell off more park land were exposed recently in The Sheffield Telegraph.  

In the newspaper report, the council said it "has not ruled out converting [selling] further 'liabilities', similar to the cottage".

Local campaigners and friends groups had previously warned that Labour's sale of the cottage was the "thin end of the wedge"

At the last Full Council meeting, Labour voted down the Liberal Democrats' proposal that no more of Sheffield's park land would be sold off or built on.

We, the Liberal Democrats, believe that no park land should be branded a 'liability' and sold off. Our parks are part of what makes Sheffield such a wonderful and unique place to live.

They should be treasured forever, not sold off by the Labour Party whenever they want.

What else are they calling a 'liability' - our park cafes? Sports facilities? Playgrounds? This news could mean the sale of much-loved assets in our parks right across Sheffield.

Please back our petition to protect any more of our local parks from being sold off or built on.

Please also ask your friends and family to sign too - every signature we collect will help us lobby the council protect our green spaces and community assets from being built on or sold off.

"We the Undersigned oppose plans to sell off ANY land in Sheffield's parks - including community facilities, toilets, playgrounds or historic buildings."

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    Parks and green spaces should be preserved for posterity and local councils should make funding available for their upkeep by reducing the salaries of overpaid chief executives.
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    If our local park is built on it will upset a lot of people that use the park for walking their dogs, playing games with their children and just enjoying the greenery, running and walking round the park. Football teams also use the park. It is an old park and has been here for over a hundred years. Also our area has had so much building done it is overbuilt. Some people do not have a garden and love walking through the park. It will depress people to have this lovely park built on. Hands off!
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    Deborah Smith
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    Sign the petition: Protect Sheffield's Parks
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    Parks are an important part of our community. They should be respected and protected. Some children don’t have anywhere else to play. Taking them away limits their developmental capabilities. And don’t get me started on their facility as green lungs.
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    Lauren Jones
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    Part of our city’s heritage that needs caring for and improving. Likewise the Central Library building for which the Council’s idea of allowing it to be converted for use as a hotel or for other commercial purpose should be resisted.
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    sarah roe
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    Appalled by Labour’s actions, have been a supporter for 40 years, not any more
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    We must protect parks the local parks need investment they spend money on the main parks but dont help others if it wasnt for friends groups these parks would not be there