Better Environment

Sheffield is a world famous for its beautiful environment. Our parks, trees and open spaces are what make Sheffield's such a wonderful and unique place to live. The Sheffield Liberal Democrats want to protect our precious environment and green space for future generations to enjoy. We will;

  •   Protect our parks, trees and green spaces with no more cuts to parks budget as a minimum
  •   Prevent the sale of any more of Sheffield's parklands or so called 'liabilities' like Cobnar Cottage
  •   Build more homes in the right areas and work with developers on inventive ways to build more houses
  •   Invest more money in brownfield sites to protect the green belt from development
  •   Introduce the ‘Keep Sheffield Green’ fund – an additional pot of money for local communities to decide how best they would like to invest in their environment e.g. tree retention, cycle lanes to inventive recycling schemes.

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