Sheffield Lib Dems oppose grammar schools

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have condemned the Government’s plans to re-introduce Grammar schools and are calling on the Council to take a stance in opposing the expansion of selective schools.

Former Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Councillor Colin Ross, who will propose the motion said

“The Conservative Government’s call for the return of Grammar Schools is in effect a return to Secondary Moderns for the majority of pupils. Not only is this policy divisive, the evidence has shown that Grammar Schools do nothing to help social mobility and integration, as the Tories have falsely claimed.

“As a teacher of many years’ experience I know that a good comprehensive school caters for the whole range of abilities including the academically gifted whilst giving late developers the chance to flourish rather than having their fate decided at 11"

“Rather than taking education back to the 1950s, the Government should be ensuring all children with the ability and potential to develop are given the opportunity, not just the lucky few. I hope the Labour Administration will join the Lib Dems in opposing this regressive policy.

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  • commented 2016-11-05 20:51:04 +0000
    We also need proper debate on the future of the city’s library service.

    Huge problem is lack of statutory library status for the volunteer-run / co-delivered sites, in addition to there being able to take ownership of the book stock currently owned by the council should any of the volunteer groups transfer away from using the council IT system (its in the agreement with the council) Add to that the huge decrease in visits since the staff went. An alternative is clearly needed.

    Proposing reduced opening but with council librarians as an alternative to the volunteer led model would be a good start which most library users would prefer, and would enable the council to count the libraries once again as a statutory one, thus offering more protection against change of use (as per Walkley Library pub/library).

    I look forward to the LibDems taking this issue forward.
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