Sheffield Lib Dems ask again for Better Public Transport

The local Liberal Democrats have written to Sheffield City Council Leader Cllr Terry Fox demanding that he works to improve Sheffield’s public transport in line with motions passed at a meeting of the Council in December.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Shaffaq Mohammed said; “At this meeting we stepped up and passed these motions calling for better public transport, we would have appreciated the opportunity to debate the issues with the Councils Labour and Green leadership, but in their absence we believe that the people of Sheffield would want their concerns raised.”

Read the letter below:


Dear Terry,

We were as appalled as you to see the decision taken by the Conservative Government to leave our city cut off from the HS2 network, it’s a huge disappointment for our city as I am sure you will agree.

Alongside that, I am sure you are seeing the almost daily news about bus cancellations and reductions in services across Sheffield. With all this bad news for public transport we felt it was important for the Council to take a stand.

That’s why at the December Council Meeting you and your Colleagues felt unable to attend we felt it was so important to pass motions on both these topics and give the people of Sheffield a voice. By passing these motions we have we have raised the concerns of tens of thousands of local people and I am writing to you now to ask that we work together to get something done to improve public transport for the people of this city.

We ask that you join us in supporting your Labour colleague Clive Betts MP’s call for the roll-out of bus franchising to be speeded up. Bringing our busses and trams back under public control is the best way in the longer-term to make sure that the people of Sheffield get a bus and tram system that runs where people need it, when people need it and at a price they can afford.

We also ask that you work with us to lobby the Conservative government to reinstate High Speed rail to Sheffield, both of parties agree that this would help our rail network with the obvious increases in

speed, but with the knock on improvements in capacity that would make our trains more reliable and useful.

We look forward to working with you to improve public transport for Sheffielders, we hope you believe as we do in an affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly future for travel in our city.

Best Wishes,


Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed – Sheffield Liberal Democrat Group Leader

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