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If you want to contact a specific Lib Dem Councillor, or your local Councillor about an issue in your area then use the contact details below. Not sure who your local councillors are? Use WriteToThem to find out

Beauchief & Greenhill


 Name: Cllr Richard Shaw

 Tel: 0114 221 0009


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Bob_Pullin.jpg Name: Cllr Bob Pullin

 Tel: 07500 765 392


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Andy_Nash.jpg Name: Cllr Andy Nash

 Tel: 07500 765 488


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 Name: Cllr Adam Hanrahan Adam_Hanrahan.jpg

 Tel: 0745 3305 595


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Dore and Totley

 Martin_Smith2.jpgName: Cllr Martin Smith

 Tel: 07812 055346               






 Name: Cllr Joe OttenJoe_Otten2.jpg

 Tel: 0114 273 5517


 Follow Joe on twitter:!/CllrJoeOtten




 Name: Cllr Colin RossColin_Ross2.jpg

 Tel: 0114 235 1948               







 Name: Cllr Roger DavisonRoger_Davison2.jpg

 Tel: 0114 220 7578               







 Name: Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed

 Tel: 07714654421


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Paul_Scriven.jpg Name: Cllr Paul Scriven

 Tel: 0114 266 2068               







 Name: Cllr Andrew SangarAndrew_Sangar2.jpg

 Tel: 0114 230 8634






 Sue_Alston2.jpgName: Cllr Sue Alston

 Tel: 0758 136 4213






 Cliff_Woodcraft2.jpgName: Cllr Cliff Woodcraft

 Tel: 0114 2303627






Graves Park

Ian_Auckland2.jpg Name: Cllr Ian Auckland

 Tel: 0114 274 0474






Sue_Auckland.jpg Name: Cllr Sue Auckland

 Tel: 0114 274 0474






Steve_Ayris2.jpg Name: Cllr Steve Ayris

 Tel: 0114 275 8851


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gail.jpg  Name: Cllr Gail Smith

  Tel:  0777 5598 847







David_Baker2.jpg Name: Cllr David Baker

 Tel: 0114 418 5011






 Name: Cllr Vickie PriestleyVickie_Priestley2.jpg

 Tel: 0114 234 6837






 Penny_Baker2.jpgName: Cllr Penny Baker

 Tel: 0114 418 5011