Council delay reflects ‘Can’t Do’ attitude say Liberal Democrats

The continued delay to the Council's scheduled November Full Council meeting shows that the Council is currently lacking leadership and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The meeting that should have been taking place on Wednesday 3rd November was postponed due to not having a covid-safe venue to hold it in. So far, the Council have failed to rearrange the meeting or sort out alternative arrangements.

Sheffield Lib Dem Chief Whip, Cllr Joe Otten, whose role includes sorting-out meeting arrangements alongside the other political groups said; “The Council is continuing to delay this meeting and although they are having others with smaller attendances, the Full Council is the only forum which allows any Councillor to question any member of the Cabinet and the only one which can really raise timely issues as they come up and discuss them.”

“We even offered to sort out alternative arrangements for the meeting so that it could go ahead with reduced numbers by ‘pairing’ Councillors so that for every member of the ruling group missing the meeting, a Lib Dem would be missing to so that votes were unaffected. But the Labour-Green cabinet preferred to just call it off.”

“This means that many Councillors will not have had an opportunity to question the Council for nearly two months by the time the next meeting happens, as the Council goes through one of its most crucial periods in a long time, with a mounting debt and the reorganisation of the Council following the referendum on the Committee system. Councillors have also not had a chance to reflect on the ongoing issues coming up in the news such as COP26, current Covid regulations and last week’s Budget.”

Lib Dem Group Leader Shaffaq Mohammed added, “The Council seems to have a ‘can’t do’ attitude currently, burying their heads in the sand, blaming its issues on the Government and refusing to offer positive alternatives that will drive our city forward unless forced to by national policy. The lack of planning alternative arrangements for this meeting is another example of this.”

 “We would prefer to be proactive, have this meeting as soon as possible and work across the parties to make positive changes that will push Sheffield forward. Sheffield needs a can-do administration who will push for a greener city, a stronger local economy and better public services; Sheffield deserves better.”

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