Demand A Better Council

Open Sheffield

What we will do

A Liberal Democrat council will devolve power to Community Assemblies, made up of local councillors, so that many more decisions are taken locally by the people elected to represent Sheffield’s communities, making councillors more accountable to the people who elected them.

Liberal Democrat City Council would undertake a full review of the structure of the council in line with the wishes of Sheffield people as expressed in the referendum set to be held alongside local elections in 2021.

Liberal Democrats would work to enhance democracy in all areas of the council to improve transparency & trust in the council. This would include working more closely with other authorities in the South Yorkshire Combined Authority & improving the democratic representation on external bodies.

Public services must be responsive to the people they serve, and we will encourage variety and innovation within them and to make them available on equal terms to all.

Ensure more money from new developments is retained within communities where building takes place to support local infrastructure.

We will press the government to introduce fair votes for local elections, so the council more closely resembles the views of its citizens.

We will increase the current ‘Ward Pot’ funds for small projects in each ward to a minimum of £10,000 to enable councillors across the city to respond to local priorities.

To recover from the pandemic Sheffield needs clear leadership and a clear, positive vision for business in the city, flexible enough to adapt to a changing economy. KPMG estimate that 30% of Sheffield’s retail jobs will be lost. Sheffield needs investment and a wide range of businesses to improve our prosperity and enable us to compete on equal terms with other major UK cities. Bringing inward investment and jobs to the city should always be a priority for the council.

Sheffield LibDems were pioneers of the Sheffield City Region, now renamed as South Yorkshire Combined Authority and we condemn the infighting and parochialism of South Yorkshire Labour leaders who have squandered many of the wider benefits, and deprived Sheffield of automatic early access to £10’s of millions of central government funding.

For transport

We believe the Mayor of South Yorkshire Combined Authority must exercise powers to bring bus services back under local control (franchising) and central government must continue to provide significant funding to revitalise local transport.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire must secure the necessary investment to transform connectivity between ourselves, and neighbouring cities, otherwise we will fall behind other city regions, and to this end, we will explore possibilities for greater cooperation between existing and emerging regional authorities.

For young people

Liberal Democrats believe that every child should be helped to achieve their potential through access to high quality education, youth & careers services to ensure they acquire the skills to enable them to succeed in a changing world.