Demand A Better Environment

Beautiful Sheffield

What we will do

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our planet is facing a climate emergency. As a city we need to act urgently and be carbon neutral by 2030.

Liberal Democrats supported the Sheffield citizen’s assembly to develop policies to achieve the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. A Liberal Democrat council will work with partners to implement the recommendations.

Liberal Democrats will help Sheffield citizens to reduce their carbon footprint by establishing an advice service for householders wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

A Liberal Democrat council will work towards making council housing carbon neutral by 2030 by investing in insulation and alternative heating systems which use non-carbon energy sources. This will also reduce fuel bills and help to end fuel poverty in the city.

Ensure the council accesses all government funds which may be available to reduce our carbon footprint particularly to address insulation and use of carbon-based heating for the existing housing stock of all tenures.

Update council policy to ensure that new build homes have reduced carbon footprint including insulation requirements and avoidance of fossil fuel heating boilers. 

Work with community funded groups to enable businesses to reduce their footprint eg for purchase of solar panels.

Introduce a ‘Greener Sheffield Fund’ – an additional pot of money for local communities to decide how best they would like to invest in their environment eg cycle routes, recycling. 

Protect Open Spaces

Sheffield is a wonderful place to live with 60% being green space and a third of the city being within the Peak District National Park. Liberal Democrats believe that green space is vital in maintaining the character of Sheffield and as an amenity for all residents and any development must be sensitive to the needs of the wider community.

We will consult widely on the next stages of Sheffield’s Local plan and ensure that it is in place at the earliest opportunity to provide clarity to developers and protect green spaces.

We will prioritise the use of brown field sites for all types of housing and business development and deliver more residential communities within the city centre with a blend of high-density private housing and purpose designed, good quality, affordable homes.

Protect our urban parks so everyone has access to green, open space. We will promote good relationships with community groups who work to improve our open spaces, which will benefit the individual as well as improving the local amenities

We will set aside 20% of the community infrastructure levy funds to use planting trees, improving moorland management and for flood defences. We will directly fund the planting of 200,000 trees over 10 years distributed across all parts of the city. 

Support rewilding projects across the city by setting aside greenfield and greenbelt that has a potential high future nature value and where there is support from local residents. We will identify small open spaces which community groups can use for rewilding projects.

Set aside a number of allotment plots which can be used at a discount by community groups for local food growing projects.

Improve air quality

Implement policies to improve air quality in the city centre & other hot spot areas in the city to make them more attractive & healthier place to live & work.

Work with businesses and interested groups to encourage the use of smaller, cleaner vehicles across the city. 

Support school street closure trials and Low traffic neighbourhoods around the city to reduce exposure to air pollution.

Promote the use of green roofs and walls on buildings including schools.

We will explore supplying schools with air quality monitors to help educate and inform students and, through them, inform their families.  

Ensure access to mains electricity and require its use for city centre events to minimise pollution from generators.

Big Sheffield Clean Up:  Cleaner Air, Less Waste, Better Environment

Supporting efforts locally to reduce waste by improving recycling and improve our air quality. Enacting policies that will enable us to make our contribution to national and global targets as well as to achieve Sheffield’s carbon neutral target.

Liberal Democrats will support making Sheffield’s economy circular with an emphasis on ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ and start by extending the recycling of plastics and make it easier for residents to recycle plastic eg by requiring the council contractor to undertake more separation. 

Increase support for the Clean Up Sheffield Task Force to attack the problems of littering, dog fouling, fly tipping.

Provide support and training to enable local volunteers to tackle graffiti in their communities.

Liberal Democrats will increase recycling with larger blue bins for those who want them.

We will investigate ways to improve recycling of plastics and other waste by Sheffield’s schools to set the best example for young people.

We will extend the opening hours of recycling centres to 7 days per week.

Investigate reverse-vending for plastic bottle returns and encouraging water bottle re-filling points in public places & businesses.

Explore the collection of food waste to reduce waste and to use in production of electricity or for agricultural fertiliser.

Improve resident information on places for recycling of items including batteries & light bulbs & explore how the council could collect such items.

Liberal Democrats will increase the number of on-street recycling bins.

Support business to reduce their reliance on single use plastic eg by schemes for retail customers to use their own containers for goods.

Encourage recycling businesses to come to the city and recognises the benefits of the incinerator to reduce the need for landfill and obtaining energy from waste.

Support Sheffield’s Culture & Heritage

Increase the professional support for our community libraries.

Encourage organisations & businesses to sponsor widely accessible cultural & sporting events. Encourage entry in to competitions such as ‘Britain in Bloom’ which enhance our civic environment.

Work with ‘Joined Up Heritage, Sheffield’ and other organisations to promote the city and join up Sheffield’s heritage offer.

Build upon Sheffield’s unique sporting heritage and investigate ways to promote the city using publicity received from film & TV drama.

Open up the Castle Market area of the city to combine with Victoria Quays to make this part of Sheffield attractive to more visitors and show off Sheffield’s heritage. Promote appropriate income generating development in the area. Encourage schools to use Sheffield Castle as part of their education about Sheffield’s history.

The government must address the inadequate provision for social care across the country. Current approaches, both locally & nationally, are demonstrably failing older people and vulnerable adults of working age and young people in need of care from our services in Sheffield.

Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the public eye how fragile the city’s social care services are as it seriously impacted on the provision and demand for domiciliary & residential social care. Sheffield gets poorer results than other cities with similar levels of funding. With increasing demand for services, it is important that the best use is made of the money available.

Sheffield’s planning policy should reflect the city’s environmental targets in terms of build quality, diversity and use of open space, and include a biodiversity net gain policy for larger developments.