Demand A Better Environment

Beautiful Sheffield

What is needed?

Our planet is facing a climate emergency. As a city we need to act urgently and sign up to being carbon neutral by 2030.

Sheffield is a wonderful place to live with 60% being green space and a third of the city being within the Peak District National Park. Liberal Democrats believe that green space is vital in maintaining the character of Sheffield and as an amenity for all residents and any development must be sensitive to the needs of the wider community.

Sheffield has a proud history and culture which should be more widely used for residents and to attract visitors to the city.
Supporting efforts locally to reduce waste by improving recycling and improving our air quality. Enacting policies that will enable us to make our contribution to national and global targets.

What we will do

Work towards being carbon neutral and Protect our green spaces.

● Liberal Democrats will establish a citizen’s assembly to develop policies to enable us to achieve this target.
● We will supply schools with air quality monitors to help educate and inform students and, through them, inform their families.
● Introduce a ‘Greener Sheffield Fund’ – an additional pot of money for local communities to decide how best they would like to invest in their environment eg street tree retention, cycle routes, recycling.
● Prioritise the use of brown field sites for all types of housing and business development.
● Protect our urban parks so everyone has access to green, open space.
● Deliver more residential communities within the city centre with a blend of high-density private housing and purpose designed, good quality, affordable homes.
● Promote good relationships with community groups who work to improve our open spaces. Encouraging activity has health benefits as well as improving the local amenities.
● Invest in the environmental enforcement team to help tackle graffiti and fly-tipping

Enable people to reduce waste

● Liberal Democrats will increase recycling with larger blue bins for those who want them.
● We will extend the recycling of plastics and make it easier for residents to recycle plastic eg by requiring the council contractor to undertake more separation.
● We will extend the opening hours of recycling centres
● Investigate reverse-vending for plastic bottle returns and encouraging water bottle re-filling points in public places & businesses. Explore the collection of food waste for composting.
● Support business to reduce their reliance on single use plastic eg by schemes for retail customers to use their own containers for goods.
● Increase the number of green bin collections in the autumn and promote the take up of the service to households across the city.
● Encourage recycling businesses to come to the city and recognises the benefits of the incinerator to reduce the need for landfill and obtaining energy from waste.

Promote our culture and heritage

● Increase the professional support for our community libraries.
● Encourage organisations & businesses to sponsor widely accessible cultural & sporting events.
● Build upon Sheffield’s unique sporting heritage and investigate ways to promote the city using the recent publicity received from film & TV drama.
● Open up the Castle Market area of the city to combine with Victoria Quays to make this part of Sheffield attractive to more visitors and show off Sheffield’s heritage. Encourage schools to use Sheffield Castle as part of their education about Sheffield’s history