Demand A More Successful Sheffield

Successful Sheffield

What we will do

Invest in business

Liberal Democrats will ring fence 10% of city-wide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money for infrastructure projects to support small, local business. For example, local parking schemes, new road crossings to encourage more local residents to use their local facilities. We will invest £2million in local and district shopping centres.

Set up a ‘Community business group’ for each part of the city to involve local business in the decision-making process. We will identify specific hubs for start-up businesses. Provide a one-stop shop for businesses to access information & support.

Liberal Democrats will ensure that the portion of the money derived from development (CIL) intended for the local community will be retained in the area where the development takes place to support necessary infrastructure and not taken to be spent elsewhere in the city.

Liberal Democrats will support a diverse redevelopment of the city centre, ensuring that Sheffield has a distinctive offer, with a better balance of residential, business and leisure development making the city centre a place for people to live work & play.

Work to attract big business to Sheffield and strengthen our international links and increase funding for ‘Business Sheffield’. We will work with the universities and major employers to support investment in our city.

Double the grants available for young people who want to start their own businesses in Sheffield.

Review city centre development & planning policy in light of changes to working & retail practice following the pandemic.

We will support district & local shopping centres by investment of £1m to improve the offer and encourage greater use of local businesses.

Improve transport

Liberal Democrats will campaign for government to invest in regional transport to provide the greater connectivity businesses need and which will benefit all travellers.

Scrap Labour’s bus partnership, which has seen higher charges for worse services, and instead, give residents greater control over bus services in the city by introducing a London style bus contract to deliver a good value, stable, comprehensive and easy to use bus network. We will lobby the Mayor of the South Yorkshire Combined Authority to use his powers to support this. This will mean that it is the bus users who determine the service provided rather than the bus companies.

Support the city centre by reinstating a free to use city centre electric bus to encourage more visitors and reduce car usage in the city centre.

Prioritise & promote active travel and public transport across the city taking account of routes into the city from other local authorities and support low pollution transport options. We will provide cycle storage at key points in the city centre and at local centres.

Devolve decision making for over £1.3 million of transport funding away from Cabinet Member to local communities to be allocated via Community Assemblies to use for road safety active travel support. This will enable them to introduce local highway schemes to make neighbourhoods more accessible by walking and cycling to local services, and discourage very short trips by private car, reducing pollution and congestion.

Ensure that changes to the public highway promote active travel & public transport but are undertaken only after consultation with those likely to be affected by them and taking into account the needs of people with a disability.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire must secure the necessary investment to transform connectivity between ourselves and neighbouring cities, otherwise we will fall behind other city regions. We will explore possibilities for greater cooperation between existing and emerging regional authorities.

Sheffield is ill-served by East-West transport connections by both road and rail. we must not be forced to choose between improved connectivity to London and to equally vital cross-Pennine routes.

Support an expansion of the use of tram train to improve connectivity across the city. We support the extension of rail or light rail services to Stocksbridge and to other areas of the city, such as the Sheaf corridor.

Hold the ‘Streets ahead’ contractor to account to ensure high standard of work and ensure that damage and any deterioration of the highways are addressed promptly and repaired to the required standard.

Invest in young people

Liberal Democrats will support community schemes across our city to provide activities for young people to keep them safe and give them the opportunity to engage in positive activities. We will use £250,000 to give grants to community groups to provide sporting activities for young people including sports clubs aimed at young people at particular risk of involvement in criminal activity.

Ensure that the most vulnerable children have access to the additional services they need. We will press the government to ensure that children entitled to free school meals continue to receive a healthy meal every day of the year.

Work with schools to improve the education offered in all schools across Sheffield, particularly those currently failing to meet acceptable standards in their OFSTED inspections.

We will put the compassion back into the services for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, improving services for those who currently face long delays in assessment and in obtaining the support they need. We will address the issues faced by young people with additional needs or disabilities as they transition to adult services.

Support technical and vocational education as an equal alternative to academic qualifications to provide the skilled workforce a thriving economy needs. Ensure opportunities for appropriate work experience to introduce all pupils to a range of opportunities for their future careers.

Ensure that best use is made of the Pupil Premium, introduced by Liberal Democrats in government, to provide educational support for disadvantaged children.

Review the standards / expectations for our youth services & careers services to ensure that the best possible service is being provided.

Where students live some distance from school, we will ensure safe transport which meets the statutory guidance for all school students.

Investigate ways to work with schools and children’s mental health services to provide mental health support in schools.

Carry out a root and branch review of Early Years provision. Sheffield compares poorly with other cities in its provision of support for young children and their families. Sheffield children deserve better.