Demand Better Health, Care & Housing

Caring Sheffield

What we will do

Improve social care

The council needs to support staff at all levels who have been at the forefront of the challenges resulting from the pandemic and work with providers to enable them to provide high quality care.

Liberal Democrats would support elderly and vulnerable people through better integrated health and social care, building on the work already underway to better integrate services. This should prevent people being admitted to hospital unnecessarily and enable people to return home promptly when they no longer need hospital care.

We will implement best social care practice, learning from other councils including core cities

We will review social care provision and demand as we emerge from the covid pandemic working with providers to ensure that the services meet the need across the city.

We will use funds from central government adult social care grant to fund training for front line staff who provide direct care to those with physical and mental health needs or disability in order to improve the esteem of the professions and the retention of staff which will improve the quality of care for those who reply on them.

We will continue lobbying national Government on its undelivered promise of a review of long-term funding for adult social care. 

We will ensure people accessing social care have their needs are reviewed annually

Liberal Democrats will focus on early intervention to prevent problems as the population get older and expand on the ‘People Keeping Well’ initiative to cover the whole city. Promote successful, mutual well-being activity that cuts across age groups - for example, schools helping pupils to engage with elderly in their area.

We will work towards having a team of community support workers to help people across the city working with people in all housing types, specifically to prevent those living in private rented accommodation falling through the safety net currently provided for council tenants.

Improve access to advice and information for people with long term care needs and their carers. This will now include people affected by long-covid who may need social care as well as health care as they recover.

Increase support for the Citizens Advice Sheffield to enable people to get help and advice to access services

Continue to call for the devolution for NHS and social care spending powers to South Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Support carers

Liberal Democrats have introduced a new Bill in the Commons to secure more flexible employment rights for carers, alongside a five-point plan for carers:

  • Employers would have to make reasonable adjustments for carers - helping carers who wish to work to combine a job with caring
  • Carers Allowance would be boosted immediately to £75 a week - a 12% increase
  • The amount carers can earn before losing out on Carers Allowance would rise from £128 a week to £160 a week
  • Young carers would receive free travel on all public transport “
  • Carers would be made a protected characteristic in the Equality Act - securing equal rights and protections for carers in the workplace and beyond

Liberal Democrats will reimburse foster carers the cost of their council tax to help them care for our most vulnerable children & young people, encouraging more people to become foster carers and reducing the number of young people who are placed in homes out of Sheffield which may be detrimental to them as well as more expensive to provide.

Provide free transport passes for eligible young carers to enable them to get to school more easily and access social activities and other support that they need.

Promote Safe & Healthy Lives

We recognise that walking and cycling are of benefit to the mental & physical health of individuals as well as helping to reduce pollution and congestion. We will therefore promote cycling, including cycles with electric motors, to enable more people to cycle on Sheffield’s hilly roads. We will invest in cycling schemes and improvements to increase safety on Sheffield’s highway network for cyclists and pedestrians.

We will facilitate cycle training schemes for adults, alongside those already available for school students.

Increase the number of 20mph zones across the city to improve safety and encourage walking and cycling. Make 20mph the default speed limit on neighbourhood roads, in particular outside primary schools and seek to accelerate the delivery of existing plans.

Promote and encourage children to walk or cycle to school, reducing pollution and congestion near schools, by increasing awareness among parents, enforcing traffic regulations, and introducing further enforcement powers. Further develop safe routes to school including installing new crossings at the most dangerous crossing places, increasing school crossing patrols, and cutting speed limits.

Launch a public health campaign - equivalent to the 'Five a Day' healthy eating campaign - that promotes steps people can take to improve their own mental resilience.

Quality Housing for All

Liberal Democrats nationally would build at least 100,000 homes for social rent and ensure that total house building increases to 300,000 each year.   

We will consult widely on the next stages of Sheffield’s Local plan and ensure that it is in place at the earliest opportunity to provide clarity to developers and protect green spaces. We support ‘Option A’ in the Issues and Options consultation for the Local Plan which maximises protection for the Green Belt.

We will prioritise the use of brown field sites for all types of housing and deliver more residential communities within the city centre with a blend of high-density private housing and purpose designed, good quality, affordable homes. 

Promote development which delivers ’15-minute neighbourhoods’ and which are socially mixed. We will ensure that developers comply with the need to provide a range of housing types, including affordable homes, and build low carbon homes in all large-scale developments.

Continue building of more social housing through council borrowing taking into account the size and type of homes Sheffield needs most.

Employ housing officers to provide support for people in the private rented sector, including students, who now make up a significant number of the least well off in our city.

Support the development of attractive housing targeted at disabled and elderly residents, with multiple tenancy choices, to enable people to remain in their own homes for longer and to free up larger properties for families.

Deliver a ‘right first time’ housing repair service for council tenants that has a single point of contact for tenants.

We will review the tenant engagement opportunities to promote engagement of a wider range of tenants and residents in their communities.