Devo deal in tatters

Cllr. Shaffaq MohammedCommenting on the Sheffield City Region devolution meeting, Sheffield Lib Dem Leader Shaffaq Mohammed said,

“As a parent of three, the downfall of devolution is really disappointing. My children’s future opportunities have been weakend because the region’s leaders can’t agree to accept £30 million a year.

“This is a massive setback for all of South Yorkshire. We had a real chance to claw away powers from Westminster and make decisions closer to home. We had the chance to bring jobs and investment to South Yorkshire but internal party politics has got in the way.

“This deal has my City’s name on it but it was for the whole of South Yorkshire. A key question is why couldn't Sheffield Leadership keep all parties at the table.

Julie Dore signed a deal two years ago

“We are witnessing the results of Julie Dore’s Donald Trump style diplomacy.

This failure of this deal has made us into a laughing stock. Cities like Manchester and Birmingham are now looking at taking even more power from Westminster but our leaders have pushed us to the back of the queue.

“My job now as leader of Sheffield’s opposition is to get the best for Sheffield and to hold Labour to account. This raises serious questions about the future of senior councillors. If they can’t even get a deal within their own Party, how can they ever stand up for us on the national stage? It’s time for fresh leadership with fresh ideas.”

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