Sheffield's Labour-Green council won't introduce food waste collections until forced by the Conservative Government

Sheffield’s Labour-Green Coalition Council leaders have recently announced that they are not planning to introduce doorstep food waste collections until they are legally required to in 2023


Sheffield Lib Dem Cllrs Tim Huggan and Shaffaq Mohammed calling for food waste collections to begin as soon as possible


Tim Huggan, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Executive member for climate change, said; “2 years ago the Labour-led Council declared a climate emergency. If they are serious about doing all they can to tackle this emergency, the Council should be reducing waste and recycling wherever possible”.

Across the UK, 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, releasing around 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas equivalents. That works out at 215,381 tonnes of CO2e in Sheffield alone– or 86,152 cars. The Liberal Democrats have been calling for food waste to be collected for years. A food waste collection trial proposed by the Lib Dems in 2018 was voted down by Labour.

Tim Huggan added "It’s so disappointing to hear that the Labour-Green coalition running Sheffield have decided to delay bringing this in until the last possible moment, choosing to wait until Government regulations mean that they must. We have come to expect this sort of decision from the Labour party; however, we are very disappointed to see the Green Party propping them up to do so"

Lib Dem Council Leader Shaffaq Mohammed added; “As a city we need to act to deliver our pledge to make Sheffield carbon neutral by 2030. We are listening to the Sheffield Community and want to increase recycling with larger blue bins for those who want them and increased availability to recycle more types of plastic.”


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