Delays in Omicron Grants for the Hospitality Sector

In a new wave of funding from January 7th, up to £6000 is available for businesses in the hospitality sector. Sheffield City Council is currently working towards provision of the funding. In 2020 Sheffield City Council gave back around £16 million in unspent grant money to Central Government because it was not provided to businesses before the deadline. 

Lib Dem council group leader Shaffaq Mohammed said “What lessons have they learnt from last time? We’re sleepwalking into the same situation. It’s not the first time this has happened on Mazher Iqbal’s watch.”

“I urge businesses to come forward, engage with their local council and tap into these cash grants, which will help to cover costs and protect jobs as we double down on our efforts to get boosted and defeat this virus.”

Sheffield Star Link - Sheffield hospitality firms 'will go under' due to delays in Omicron grants councillor claims

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