Greenhill Road Safety: Action Needed now!

Local Lib Dem Councillors Richard Shaw and Simon Clement-Jones are backing calls from Beauchief & Greenhill residents for safer roads.

The crossroads of Westwick Road and Westwick Crescent in Greenhill is notorious for poor visibility around its corners, a problem which is made even worse by inconsiderate parking. The junction is located near Greenhill Primary School and residents fear it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Residents and community groups, including Greenhill Neighbourhood Watch, have been calling for action from Labour- run Sheffield City Council but complain of their concerns being "fobbed off". 

Richard, Simon and local residents are calling for the Council to paint double-yellow lines on each of the corners to deter drivers from obstructing the junction and to improve safety for all road users.

Mick Thomas, Chair of Greenhill Neighbourhood Watch, said, "What are needed are double- yellow lines on each corner, for a distance of about 15-20 feet around each corner. People are not supposed to park on the corners anyway. With the primary school and shops nearby it's a recipe for disaster. Each time that I've contacted the Council I've been fobbed off and told there is a review. Even the police agree that lines are needed. We need action."

Roger Stevenson, Vice-Chair of Greenhill Neighbourhood Watch, said, “There is potentially a very serious accident waiting to happen. That there hasn't been so far is probably due to the awareness of local residents. That doesn't mean that we can just sit back and think that nothing will ever happen."

Cllr Simon Clement-Jones said, "Enough is enough. Residents have been complaining about this junction for years and the Council just promises reviews and investigations. Residents need and deserve a firm commitment that action will be taken."

Richard and Simon have launched a petition calling on the council to act immediately.

You can sign Richard and Simon’s petition here 

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