Sheffield Lib Dems back ice cream vendors after a proposed ban by the Green Party


Sheffield Green Party announced on twitter that they were going to ban 'polluting' ice cream vans in parks

Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Cllr Barbara Masters and Cllr Roger Davidson in Endcliffe Park  with a local ice cream vendor

The policy announcement from Sheffield Greens didn't come alongside any plan to install electric charging points or provide funding for retrofitting vehicles.

Lib Dem Councillor Barbara Masters said "We all want to see greener vehicles going forward but banning the current ice cream vans from our parks and community spaces without giving the vendors a chance to adapt is just wrong. It would destroy small businesses and make our parks less fun to be in"

Sheffield Green Party, who are in coalition with Labour running Sheffield City council, announced the policy in reply to a post on Twitter.

Sheffield Lib Dems believe that banning most ice cream vans from parks is nothing but gesture politics and will ruin the livelihoods of families that have been in the industry for decades - and for little gain. This announcement has been made without any consultation with the family businesses who will suffer from this decision. Under pressure from Liberal Democrat councillors, the Green Party has now promised to talk to ice cream vendors.

Air pollution in Sheffield is terrible - we need to vastly improve our public transport, especially the bus network. We also need to make Sheffield safer for cyclists and more pedestrian friendly. However, there's also not enough electric charging points for either commercial or domestic vehicles in the city and this is because of a lack of leadership from Sheffield City Council over a period of years. Instead of picking on a small industry selling ice cream, the current administration should look at how we can address some of these bigger issues.


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