Jayne Dunn's on the Run

Labour Councillor Jayne Dunn, who had previous slammed another Councillor for moving to another ward in 2014, has tried quietly and without any announcement to switch from her present ward of Broomhill to Southey.

When former Broomhill councillor Shaffaq Mohammed sought re-election in Crookes in 2014, Cllr. Dunn was first out of the block to criticize the move as 'running away'.

Cllr. Jayne Dunn was quoted as saying “It’s quite obvious he’s running away. I have no problem with politicians moving wards but to do it four weeks before shows a complete lack of respect for the people he has claimed to represent for the last 10 years.”' 

Cllr Dunn's move was only spotted by electors in Broomhill after the nominations for council candidates was published last Friday, 4 weeks before the election.

In the four short years Cllr. Dunn has represented Broomhill ward, she has sought selection as a parliamentary candidate in Heeley constituency and the Brightside and Hillsborough constituency.

One of the Liberal Democrat candidates for the Broomhill and Sharrowvale Ward Kurtis Crossland said 

"It would appear that Jayne Dunn's on the run!

"As Jayne Dunn said in 2014, there's nothing wrong with politicians moving wards. However, it's hard not to take exception when a Councillor switches wards when she's publicly attacked someone else for doing so in the past. 

"She needs to explain to the people of Broomhill why she has now left and also explain to the people of Southey she isn't using them as a step up for what clearly is her desire to use any council ward as her path to Westminster.

"This just shows that for Labour in Sheffield it’s about doing anything to win personally, not working for the local community that elects you."

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