Labour Council refuse to support local economy and local business by backing Sheffield Pound

Labour-run Sheffield City Council has refused to back local businesses by a not giving 100% support to the idea of a Sheffield Pound.

The Liberal Democrats proposed a motion at full council calling on the Labour Council to work with community groups, who are the driving force behind the local currency, on how to bring a the Sheffield Pound to the City. 

Labour Councillors threw this proposal out and have instead asked a group of faceless bureaucrats on the Sheffield Executive Board to explore the idea.

Liberal Democrat Cllr. Martin Smith, who proposed the motion said

“Rather than working with local people who want to bring the Sheffield Pound here who have shown the evidence from elsewhere how it will support local businesses, local communities and local jobs, the Labour Council have passed this decision over a to a faceless bureaucratic quango. Why can't Labour trust local people and back this trusted and proved idea of a local pound"

“Labour in Sheffield are missing a trick by not getting behind this clever idea which would bring a big boost to the local economy”

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