Labour councillors refuse to rule out further bus cuts

The Labour majority on the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday night (16/03/16) voted down a recommendation for cabinet to oppose any further reductions to the bus network in Sheffield.

The meeting was held to finally consider the 12,000 strong bus petitions heard at the December Council meeting,

Cllr. Ian Auckland, Liberal Democrat councillor for Graves Park and deputy chair of the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee said

“Labour have said they won’t reverse the cuts and now they are refusing to rule out further cuts to the bus service. After all the chaos caused by the cuts imposed in October, they should be reassuring people that same won’t happen again.”

“It’s clear Labour aren’t listening to people’s complaints. As a member of the bus partnership, our Labour run Sheffield City Council and Cllr. Terry Fox agreed these changes, and need to take some responsibility, respond to the petitioners and apologise that it has taken so long.”

Petitioners complained at the meeting that they had still not received a response to their petition, but were told in the meeting they would now receive one.

Andy Nash, who handed in one of the original petitions said

“I can’t help but feel Cllr. Terry Fox has tried kicking our complaints into the long grass in the hope they’ll go away but people are still angry that their bus services have been cut and they are unable to get around like they used to. I hope I get a response quickly as 4 months is an unacceptable amount of time to wait to have our questions answered.”

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