Labour Cuts Recycling

The Labour Council are cutting recycling to monthly collections. We think we need to take recycling seriously.

By , Jul 11, 2018 3:07

Sheffield Liberal Democrats have today voiced their opposition to Sheffield City Council’s plans to cut recycling collection to a monthly collection.

Under Labour’s new plans, the blue box will be replaced with a brown bin to be used for plastic bottles, glass and can. The blue bin will remain for paper and card. Each recycling bin will be collected on a monthly cycle.

The scheme will be rolled out in two phases. Properties in the north of the city will have the new bins between July 30th and September 8th. The second phase in the south will see rollout between September 10th and October 20th.

Sheffield Lib Dems believe that we need to be expanding our recycling scheme, not cut it, and have launched a petition to improve recycling in Sheffield. The petition already has over 1,300 signatures.

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Adding insult to injury, the council haven’t even considered expanding the city’s recycling to cover more materials. In Sheffield, only plastic bottles can be recycled in the blue box or bin. Items such as yoghurt pots, carrier bags, margarine tubs, food trays and bottle tops can’t be recycled in Sheffield but can elsewhere.

Over the last 10 years, Sheffield has had the worst recycling performance in Yorkshire. Sheffield’s recycling rate has only increased by 4.66% over the last 10 years to 29.6% in 2016/17 compared with nearly 66% in East Yorkshire!

Laura Gordon, Lib Dem Parliamentary Campaigner for Sheffield Hallam said:

“The council's response to the worst recycling rate in Yorkshire is to cut recycling.

“We know the damage that can be done if we don’t look after our environment. While East Yorkshire recycle nearly 66% of their household waste, we manage less than 30% - that's the worst percentage in Yorkshire. Our city should be finding ways to expand recycling, not cut it.

“At the moment, kerbside recycling only covers plastic bottles, glass and paper. This needs to be expanded to cover items such as yoghurt pots, carrier bags, margarine tubs, food trays and bottle tops. These items can be recycled just a few miles down the road in Chesterfield, but not here - we need to do better.

“The Lib Dem petition to improve recycling already has over 1,300 signatures in just a few days, and this was before the council announced their cuts to recycling collections.

“We need an ambitious Council to move our city forward. Right now, Labour are letting Sheffield down.”

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