Labour give themselves pay rise following election failure

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have slammed the decision by Labour council leaders to award themselves a pay rise. 

The move comes after Labour were the only party to lose seats in the local election last week.

It was announced today that the ruling Labour party have decided to increase the number of Cabinet members from 8 to 9, giving themselves around a £13k pay boost in the process. 

Cabinet members receive £9,000 special responsibility allowance (SRA) on top of their basic council allowance and Cabinet advisers, of which there are 1 or 2 per portfolio, receive an extra £4,000 each.  

Cllr. Colin Ross said

“It’s quite unbelievable that in times of austerity, when the Labour-run Council are making redundancies and closing down vital community services they have managed to find down the back of the sofa an extra £13,000 to pay their own.

“In the Liberal Democrat alternative budget we proposed to abolish SRAs for Cabinet advisers and unsurprisingly the Labour Party voted this down.”

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