Labour-led Council Set To Cut £Millions From Repairs Budget

Sheffield City Council set to cut £5 million from repairs budget. With a repairs backlog of around 5,000 properties, is this really the right decision from the Labour-led council?

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jun 20, 2022 8:06

A row of terraced houses

Sheffield Liberal Democrats have called the Labour-led council out as it emerged that around £5 million is due to be taken out of the council housing repairs budget. This comes just days after Lib Dem questioning revealed that there remains a backlog of over 5,000 repair jobs to be done on Council properties across the city.

In a report to the Council's new Housing Committee, it was set out that there would be a reduction of around £5 million in funding for repairs. This is despite the Council's own numbers showing a repairs backlog of 5,000 repairs!

The Liberal Democrats are now calling on the Council to rethink these plans and to put housing repairs as a priority.

Councillor Sophie Thornton who has been raising the repairs backlog with Council homes across the city and who is a member of the new Committee said; "Surely everyone deserves to live in safe and comfortable home?

"Cutting the repairs budget when there is a massive backlog is just short-sighted. It's already been shown that the council are losing £millions due to loss of rent and court fees. Cutting funding that could help the council get on top of repairs just doesn't make sense."

"The council need to urgently rethink these plans and make sure that housing repairs are a priority."

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