Labour use your council tax in Scarborough!

Sheffield taxpayers have been left to pick up the bill for failing leisure facilities in Scarborough!

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Oct 09, 2020 10:10

Lib Dem councillor Shaffaq Mohammed said, “This is absolutely scandalous!

“Sheffield’s taxpayer money should not have been spent in Scarborough while Sheffield’s sporting heritage was told not to re-open.

“This Labour council pushed our venues to the back of the queue. So much for ‘City of Sport!’Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed

“But I must commend the hard work of the athletes and local people who campaigned to re-open Ponds Forge. Their hard work piled the pressure on the council, and it’s been great to work with them.”

Sheffield council’s sporting venues are run by Sheffield City Trust (SCT), who also run two venues for Scarborough Council. Sheffield’s Labour council gave SCT a £15million bailout under emergency funding this August, less than a year after giving them an extra £5million last November.

Shaffaq added, “It’s clear that this Trust isn’t spending your money wisely. The decision to give this money away was taken behind closed doors by the Labour Council. As was the decision to keep Ponds Forge closed for far too long.

“Labour have once again proven that they are incapable of running our city properly.”

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