Laura Gordon Selected for Hallam

Laura Gordon is our new candidate for Sheffield Hallam! It's time to believe in better for Sheffield

By Kurtis Crossland, Nov 04, 2017 2:11

Laura Gordon was the choice of party members at a packed selection meeting on Friday evening to become the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sheffield Hallam.

Laura said:

“I am really honoured to be selected by the Liberal Democrats to be the candidate in Sheffield Hallam. The Liberal Democrats have a long history in Sheffield Hallam and it is a privilege to follow in the footstep of Richard Allen and Nick Clegg.

“Our country faces some tough challenges over the next few years. We’ve got Brexit taking up all the time in Parliament and making us more inward looking while big global issues like climate change are continuing to threaten our way of life. I’ve seen first hand while working with Oxfam, Save the Children and the Department for International Development just how much damage these big international issues are having.

“Sheffield Hallam deserves a fresh new voice to stand up for our community in the face of a weak and wobbly Government and a Labour Party that has let Sheffield down.

“Labour have also failed us locally. We’ve seen pensioners arrested at dawn, a local councillor taken to court and the £900 million devolution deal collapse. It’s time to believe in better for Sheffield."

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