Lib Dems call on Labour Council to support community spirit

The hike in charges at Sharrow Vale Market has been condemned by Liberal Democrats.

Sheffield City Council will be increasing the fee from £25 per market to £800 for an event putting to future of the market at risk. 

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have started a petition to reverse the hike in charges, which you can sign here.

Kurtis Crossland, Lib Dem candidate for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale said

“This is typical of the Labour-run Council. How do the Council expect a small community run festival to afford £800? This well attended market shows the best in community spirt and what Sheffielders can do. The council again want to be the doom merchants and jobs worths that try and stop people having a good time.

“Sharrowvale Market is fantastic, it brings the community together and brings people from all over to the City .Sheffield Council should be encouraging community groups and volunteers who have the initiative to set things like this up, not trying to use them as a cash machine to rake in sky-high fee"




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