Lib Dems condemn new wave of bus cuts

As the South Yorkshire Passengar Transport Executive (SYPTE) have announced another wave of bus cuts to come into effect in September, the Lib Dems call on the Sheffield Labour Council, part of the Bus Partnership to stand up for passenger interests.

Cllr. Shaffaq Mohammed said 
"We said last year this Bus Partnership wasn't working for the bus users of Sheffield. The Labour run Council are central to the Bus Partnership, therefore they cannot shirk away from their responsibility for these cuts. The previous Labour cabinet member failed to stand up for residents interests against the bus companies, I hope the new cabinet member will be a lot stronger and make a stand against any more cuts to services."
Cllr. Ian Auckland, Lib Dem spokesperson for Transport, also expressed his concern about the way the cuts have been decided. He said 
"It's a bit rich for SYTPE to ask for comments and to to talk about working together after cuts have been announced. Although they are asking for feedback they is absolutely no intention that any of these changes will be reversed.
"Last years bus debacle was a direct result of poor consultation and this announcement shows SYTPE and the Bus Partnership haven't learnt anything."

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