Lib Dems Fight To Save Walk In Centre

Lib Dems secure a victory in the campaign to save the Walk In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit.

By Kurtis Crossland, Dec 07, 2017 3:12

Lib Dems secure a big victory in the campaign to save our Walk In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit as Council agree to oppose the plans.

NHS bosses in Sheffield are looking at closing the Walk In Centre on Broad Lane and the Minor Injuries Unit and Eye Clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. They would replace the service at the Northern General Hospital.

Cllr Steve Ayris, Shadow Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care said, “I believe the NHS should be above politics and I was very proud to see the Lib Dems proposed working together with all parties on the council to safeguard access to these vital services.

“Many people in Sheffield rely on easy access to NHS services. Imagine you’re suffering from an illness or you have a problem with your eyes. You can’t get an appointment at your GP but you know you should get checked out. Under these plans, you would have to travel all the way to the Northern General Hospital and in a lot of cases, on public transport. Would that be an easy trip for you?”

The local Lib Dems have been running a poll and so far, 98% of people are against it. You can fill the poll in below.

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