Liberal Democrats lead call for early General Election

Following Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from the Conservative leadership race Liberal Democrat MPs have called for an early General Election.

A coronation of Theresa May as Prime Minister carries no mandate.

Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat leader said:

“Just 13 months after the last election the Conservatives have plunged the UK into chaos. It is simply inconceivable that Theresa May should be crowned Prime Minister without even having won an election in her own party, let alone the country.

“There must be an election. The Conservatives must not be allowed to ignore the electorate, their mandate is shattered and lies in ruins.

“Britain deserves better than this Tory stitch up.

“May has not set out an agenda, and has no right to govern.  She has not won an election and the public must have their say.

“From her time as Home Secretary we know she is divisive, illiberal and calculating.

“The Liberal Democrats will set out an optimistic, positive plan for Britain. We will stabilise the economy, improve education, deliver a new deal for our NHS, restore the green agenda and secure Britain’s place at the heart of Europe. ”

The comments of the Liberal Democrat leader echoed those of Sheffield’s Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg who wrote in the Guardian in the aftermath of the Brexit vote

“The EU referendum has exploded constitutional, political and economic conventions. Our country is in a tailspin. An election of a new parliament in which MPs act responsibly to manage our historic divorce from the EU is the only way to forge some order out of the present chaos.”

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