Liberal Democrats vote to keep Council Tax down

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have proposed to keep council tax down 1.99% lower than the Labour administration in the next financial year, in a move to provide better value for money and supporting hard-working Sheffield families suffering in the cost of living crisis.

The Liberal Democrat budget amendment proposes only taking a 2% rise, known as the ‘Osborne Tax’, to fund adult social care for the most vulnerable

By cutting Labour waste and simple savings on Labour spin doctors, political pet projects and trade unions, the Liberal Democrat budget includes proposals that would allow the Council to work in a more business friendly, environmentally sustainable way by;

  • Ending Labour’s war on motorists and helping city centre businesses by providing free parking on Sundays;
  • Providing funding to researching into the possibility of a ‘Sheffield Pound’ – a local currency which would help local independent businesses;
  • Upping investment in brownfield sites to protect our green open spaces from development
  • Reversing cuts to the parks budget;
  • Supporting Associate libraries by employing professional librarian support;
  • The creation of a new ‘Community Environmental Fund’ – an additional pot of money for local communities to decide how best they would like to invest in their environment – whether that be the retention of highway trees, cycle lanes or inventive recycling schemes.

The Labour administration are proposing a 1.99% rise, on top of the 2% rise for adult social care, taking the total to a staggering 3.99%.

This comes on top of rises already agreed in both the Fire and Rescue precept and Police and Crime precept. The result of which will be felt by Sheffield tax payers from all over the city.

The proposals by the Labour administration to raise council tax by almost 4% come 2 days after the announcement that they are to receive £3.5million from central government to redevelop Castlegate are – the same amount of money require for a 2% freeze in council tax.

Councillor Andrew Sangar, Shadow cabinet member for Finance said

“Year after year the Labour administration has continued to waste money and make poor decisions whilst solely blaming government. We need to remember that our city remains saddled with the debt run up by previous Labour administrations, including around £25 million every year until 2024 to pay off the disastrous World Student Games despite the fact that the Don Valley Stadium has now been demolished.”

“We’ve shown that there is a real alternative to Labour’s tax hikes and budget cuts” 

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