Liberal Democrats welcome Devo Deal announcement

Sheffield City Council has finally announced that Friday 18th March will be the date for the special council to discuss and sign the devolution deal.

Colin Ross, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council said

“We are glad Julie Dore has finally got her act together, shown some leadership and called this meeting and stopped stringing along our City Region partners.

“We welcome more powers from government and the £900million of extra investment coming into Sheffield City Region to help our local economy which is a direct result of Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrats in the Coalition working hard to get devolution deals for City Regions.

“However, we are worried that this dithering from our local Labour Councillors shows that they are lukewarm about this extra cash and we will be watching Labour to ensure they spend this money in the right way and work with local businesses to ensure the maximum economic benefit for local people and not waste it on pet projects which Labour have a track record of doing.”

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