Local Lib Dems back road safety campaign

Fulwood Councillors and local MP Nick Clegg are backing local residents campaigning for a safer crossing on Hangingwater Road following a serious accident.

Last December a child walking to High Storrs School was badly injured. The accident took place on Hangingwater Road at the point where the footpath crosses the road. This crossing point is across the junction with Whiteley Wood Road and is the only viable route for children going to High Storrs School from the Nether Green area, which is a popular catchment area for the school.

Fulwood Councillors, along with local MP Nick Clegg have been working with parents to campaign for improvements. The Council so far have agreed to extend the 20mph limit from Greystones to cover this area and extend the period that the street lights are on during winter months to increase visibility.

Although this goes some of the way to improving road safety, parents believe that the only way to make this crossing point truly safe for the school children that use it every day is by Sheffield City Council relocating the crossing point away from the road junction and the  bend in the road. Parents are petitioning the council to carry out this safety work, and are trying to reach 5000 signatures on their petition to instigate a council debate in October.

Nick Clegg MP said "The lack of a safe crossing point is a serious problem for the many children that have to walk from Nether Green to High Storrs School every day. It was only a matter of time before someone got seriously hurt and a wonder that it hadn't happened sooner.

“Although I'm pleased that the Council have come some of the way to sorting out this problem, we believe that they need at the very least to extend the footpath so there is a safe place to cross.”

If you would like to support the campaign please follow the link to sign the petition.


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