Making Sheffield a great place for everyone to live

We will press government for support and access available funding to revitalise our city and improve its infrastructure.

Sheffield needs more homes for all types of households: families, couples & single people. We will work to ensure the local plan is delivered and that developers make maximum use of brownfield sites; protect the greenfield sites in the green belt and maintain access to green space for all communities.

We will press government & South Yorkshire City Mayor for funding to clean up the brownfield sites in our city to reduce pressure on our green spaces.

We will support developments aimed at older people and others who need homes for semi-independent living in all parts of the city.

We will provide access to advice and information for all house holders on the options to insulate & heat their homes to give them confidence in making the changes needed; reduce fuel poverty and help to meet the city’s aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We will investigate options for alternative power sources including from mine workings for district heating.

We will improve the recycling facilities in the city and range of waste that can be recycled to include a wider range of plastics, food waste and an option of larger blue bins for paper/card recycling.

We will support projects to improve biodiversity across the city and encourage community groups to be involved.