Lib Dems Welcome Investigation of Mine Source Heating in Sheffield

Sheffield Liberal Democrats are welcoming an investigation into the possibility of Mine Source Heating in the City to provide a more environmentally friendly way of producing energy as fuel prices rise steeply.

Lib Dem Councillor Barbara Masters is leading the calls for Mine Source Heating in the city.

Mine Source Heating works by taking the heat from water stored deep underground in former mines and using it to heat homes. The Liberal Democrats first raised the prospect at a meeting of the Council in October and are now calling for it to be looked at urgently as fuel prices continue to rise.

Lib Dem Councillor Barbara Masters said; “The Council needs to investigate any innovative and sustainable forms of powering heating systems that are available to it and this one would use the infrastructure already present in Sheffield. This just makes sense, will save people money and saves burning fossil fuels.”

“Mine water heating is being promoted by the Coal Authority working with academics, local authorities, central Government and others. This is already being used to heat homes in the Northeast of England and building on the existing district heating system would allow us to reduce Sheffield’s carbon footprint.”

“A preliminary briefing received by the Liberal Democrats suggests it could be a source of a totally renewable heating and therefore we are urging the Executive to explore the potential as a matter of urgency; other Councils are looking into this now. Sheffield needs to do so as soon as possible. This could be put into housing projects as they are being built and may avoid installing expensive and environmentally damaging gas heating systems which will then have to be replaced.”


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