Parking Restrictions must be Lifted for Key workers at Hospitals in Sheffield

By Shaffaq Mohammed, Mar 26, 2020 9:03

A nurse talking to a woman and child.

Liberal Democrats have called for the lifting the restrictions on key workers at Sheffield’s Hospitals.

During this time of crisis, the hospitals and the council must find a solution that allows key workers to park closer to the hospital whether at the car parks, local schools or nearby on street parking.

Also, pay car parking not managed by the Car Parks such as Durham Road needs to look at how it can allow key workers to park close by. Lib Dem Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed called for the Council, Hospitals and other private operators to act quickly to help

Shaffaq Mohammed said ‘As public transport options dwindle, doctors, nurses and other key workers at the hospitals need to be able to get to work and home again quickly and without hassle.   This is something that public and private organisations with space nearby can and should provide and need to act quickly to help our health care workers.'

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