Changes to school buses in Sheffield have left children without transport to school. The Council’s response is “we tried our best.”

After the closure of the Brightbus school bus company, the Labour-led Bus Partnership promised parents and students that they would find an alternative. For many school children, the alternative is using standard public transport rather than a dedicated school bus. This has meant massive delays and overcrowding for all passengers of public transport especially in North Sheffield.

The Government state that the Council should see 75 minutes as the maximum travel time for secondary school children. It’s clear that the council are missing this target but they have said “we tried our best.”

And with the current replacement services operating on a 12 month ‘emergency fund’, there is risk of further cuts to our school buses. Labour’s cabinet member responsible for school buses has also said that they are no longer required to provide transport for the vast majority of students attending catholic schools such as Notre Dame or All Saints. This could affect hundreds of children all over Sheffield.

Sign the petition to protect our school buses:

We, the undersigned, call on Sheffield City Council to re-visit their school bus policy. We want safe transport to school which meets the statutory guidance for all students for the foreseeable future.

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