School bus update

As one of your local councillors, I have received a number of complaints regarding the recent changes to school buses in Stannington and Bradfield.

We are working hard to hold the Passenger Transport Executive to account and make sure all children can get to school in a safe and timely manner.

There will be changes coming in on the 25th September to try and address the problems that students of Bradfield school are facing:

  • An extra departure on Service 763 will be introduced from Stannington to Bradfield School in the morning.
  • An extra departure on service 764  from Bradfield School to Stannington will be introduced in the afternoon.
  • An extra departure on service 765 at 15:23 will be introduced from Bradfield School to Hillsborough, replacing one of the journeys on service 52a.

I understand that this will not be relevant to all of you but I am keen to reassure parents that we are working hard address the school bus issues. If you know any parents of Bradfield School students, please pass on the above information.

If you do have any further issues or know of problems on any other routes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With best wishes,

Cllr. Vickie Priestley
Liberal Democrats councillor for Stannington
[email protected]
0114 449 0890