Shock defeat for Labour

Labour suffers a shock defeat in the Town Hall as Lib Dems voted down their attempt to stifle individuality.

By , Dec 05, 2018 6:12

A new ‘code of conduct’ for Lord Mayors was proposed to Sheffield Full Council meeting on Tuesday 5th December.

In a chaotic Council Chamber, Labour ended abstaining on their own motion and the Liberal Democrats defeated it.

Sheffield Lib Dem Leader Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed said:

“This proposal went against everything I believe in as a liberal. On the back of my Lib Dem membership card it says that we seek to build a society in which no one shall be enslaved by conformity. This proposal would have forced Lord Mayors to conform to rules set by the Town Hall.

“Differences should be celebrated, not stifled. Different people have different style and I think we need to have more variety in the Council, not less.

“I am extremely proud that we voted this proposal down.”

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