Statement On Tree Hearing

The tree situation should never have got to this. Here's what Cllr. Penny Baker had to say on the matter.

By Kurtis Crossland, Oct 27, 2017 7:10

Cllr. Penny Baker - Deputy Leader of Sheffield Liberal Democrats - makes a statement regarding the latest tree court hearing:

The tree situation should never have got to this.

If the current Administration had listened to the people to begin with and carried out a true consultation, maybe we'd be in a different place now.

There’s a sign at the entrance to the Town Hall which celebrates the Kinder Trespass. It commemorates people standing up for what they believe in. Something Alison Teal, an elected member of Sheffield City Council, has done and yet the council still try to silence her.

You shouldn’t silence somebody who has been given a voice by the people.

The council’s recent actions such as hiring private detectives to investigate tree protesters are simply wrong. It’s authoritarian and it’s nasty and we cannot let them get away with it.

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