Successful Sheffield

Successful Sheffield

What is needed?

Sheffield needs investment and a wide range of businesses to improve our prosperity and enable us to compete on equal terms with other major UK cities. Bringing inward investment and jobs to the city should always be a priority for the council.

We confirm our commitment to the Sheffield City Region devolution deal which is the only deal offered by the government and believe that this would be a great opportunity for the city and its people. Liberal Democrats condemn the in-fighting by South Yorkshire Labour Council leaders which has resulted in the stalling of £30 million per year of inward investment for jobs, skills and training for our region.

Liberal Democrats support the long overdue investment in the infrastructure of Sheffield’s highways but condemn the current administration’s failure to listen to the concerns of residents.

Liberal Democrats believe that every child should be helped to achieve their potential through access to high quality education and ensuring that the most vulnerable children have access to the additional services they need.

What we will do

Support business

  • Ring fence 10% of city-wide Community Infrastructure Levy money for infrastructure projects to support small, local business. For example local parking schemes, new road crossings to encourage more local residents to use their local facilities.
  • Set up a ‘Community business group’ for each part of the city to involve local business in the decision-making process.
  • Increase the budget for small business support by 5-10% (£14-27k) by reallocating funds from the council’s international travel & expense budget.
  • Support redevelopment of the city centre, ensuring that Sheffield has a distinctive offer. We will investigate the option of setting aside part of the development for locally owned businesses.
  • Continue efforts to attract big business to Sheffield and strengthen our international links.
  • Help independent businesses and boost the local economy by introducing a ‘Sheffield Pound’ so more of the money spent in Sheffield stays in Sheffield.
  • Support the city centre and local centres by managing parking flexibly, to encourage business activity throughout the week. Supporting city-centre businesses by re-instating free parking on evenings and all-day on Sundays.

Improve transport

  • Scrap Labour’s bus partnership, which has seen higher charges for worse services, and instead work towards bus quality contracts, an arrangement similar to that in London which will hand power back to local people, to deliver a good value, stable, comprehensive and easy to use bus network.
  • Lobby for improved rail connections to Manchester and Leeds, and to revive electrification of the Midland Main Line. Support HS2 with a Sheffield City Centre Station.
  • Hold the ‘Streets ahead’ contractor to account to ensure high standard of work and ensure that damage and any deterioration of the highways are addressed promptly and repaired to the required standard.

Invest in young people

  • Maintain the focus on high aspiration and attainment for all children and young people in all our schools.
  • Support technical and vocational education as an equal alternative to academic qualifications to provide the skilled workforce a thriving economy needs. Ensure opportunities for appropriate work experience to introduce all pupils to a range of opportunities for their future careers.
  • Ensure that best use is made of the Pupil Premium, introduced by Liberal Democrats in government, to provide educational support for disadvantaged children.