Transport that works

  • We will review transport to, and within, the city centre to ensure access for ALL and to ensure people can choose how to travel, including by public transport and active travel such as cycling or walking.
  • We will review bus routes to enable access for all to each part of the city centre.
  • We will work with the South Yorkshire Mayor to set up an integrated public transport system including a London style bus service, where need of passengers determines routes & frequency, to replace Labour’s bus partnership which has failed to deliver for the people of Sheffield.
  • Local areas will be supported through Local Area Committees to undertake small highways projects and changes to support active travel choices; improve access and road safety.

Moving towards 15-minute neighbourhoods:    

  • Council Planning Policy will be changed so that new developments and regeneration project must take into consideration the principle of 15-minute neighbourhoods. That means enabling people within the urban areas of the city to access amenities within 15 minutes walking / cycling time.
  • We will ensure that housing development considers the needs of people to access shops and other services.