Walk In Centre Could Be Saved

By , Jul 23, 2018 1:07

A nurse talking to a woman and child.

Our NHS survey showed that over 97% of you want to save the Walk In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit. Sheffield's NHS bosses have closed the consultation and are now looking at your suggestions.

The Walk In Centre options(Source: http://www.sheffieldccg.nhs.uk/Downloads/Primary%20Care%20Commissioning%20Committee/2018/May%202018/D%20PCCC%20Update%20report%20May%202018.pdf)

The 14 suggestions fit quite neatly into 9 groups:

  1. Don’t make any changes
  2. Only shut one service
  3. Provide Walk In Centre and the Hallamshire
  4. Site an adult Urgent Treatment Centre in the City Centre
  5. Provide two adult Urgent Treatment Centres. One in the city and one at the Hallamshire
  6. Create an adult Urgent Treatment Village
  7. All urgent care dispersed into hubs
  8. Minor ailments service at the Wicker
  9. Reinstate A&E at the Hallamshire

The Clinical Commissioning Group are now going through your suggestions to see if any of them are a feasible alternative to moving the Walk In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit to the Northern General.

Although they aren’t currently planning a public consultation on these options, we want your views so we can take them to the Clinical Commissioning Group.

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When the original plans to move the Walk In Centre were announced, there were widespread concerns that the Northern General site struggles with parking and is inaccessible on public transport from much of the city. People also raised issues with staffing and pressure on services at the Northern General. Others noted the potential impact of the closure of the Walk-in Centre on vulnerable groups (such as homeless people and recent immigrants living in the city centre) and students and young people, who are often not registered locally with GPs.

We will be continuing to engage with the CCG to represent local interests in the process. You can help us represent your views by filling in the survey. The CCG expect to make a final recommendation in the autumn.


Send your views

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