Western Road Trees SAVED

WELL DONE to everyone who campaigned to protect these war memorial trees. This is a big victory for the community.

By , Nov 06, 2018 10:11

While this hasn't been released by the Council yet, we have heard from a reliable source that the 20 of the healthy trees on Western Road will be saved!

We just wanted to say a massive well done to everyone who campaigned to protect these trees. They are a living memory of those who have served our country.

This is proof that Sheffield City Council can change its mind on trees. Healthy street trees can be saved.Cllr Mohammed Mahroof and Laura Gordon on Western Road

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for Sheffield Hallam Laura Gordon said, “Saving these trees is a testament to community activism. The trees on Western Road are a living memorial and it's only right that the Council have looked again and realised that they can save these healthy trees.”

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Tim Huggan said, “This is fantastic news. It’s a big victory for each and every campaigner who fought to protect this war memorial. I know that a lot of local residents wanted these trees saved. Their hard work has paid off.”

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