Electric Charging Points In Parks a Step Closer

Great news for small businesses - our campaign for electric points in parks has taken a step forward. it'll help food and drink vendors reduce their reliance on diesel generators, and improve air quality in the process!

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jun 21, 2022 2:06

In an effort to make small businesses more sustainable in the future, Lib Dem councillors have persuaded Sheffield City Council to move forward with plans to install electric charging points in parks. This plan will help vendors sell goods with electricity without the use of their engine - thus eliminating pollution and improving air quality.

For over two years Councillor Tim Huggan has been pushing for the Labour-Led Sheffield City Council to live up to its own Climate Change commitments and put electric charging points in the City's Parks so that food and drink vendors can end their reliance on diesel generators. His campaign has now had success with it looking likely that the electric charging points will be installed in Bolehills Park soon.

Councillor Tim Huggan said, “I am delighted that it now looks like Bolehills will be one of the first to be installed at the end of October 2022 - we really hope that date will be stuck to!

"This is something that is both environmentally friendly and hopefully helps vendors like Coffee vans be viable as fuel prices rise.

"We want to make sure small businesses like concessions in parks are sustainable both economically and environmentally into the future, this is a fantastic way to do so.”Cllr Tim Huggan and Cllr Richard Williams

Councillor Richard Williams, the Lib Dem Chair of the Council's new Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee added, “I am delighted that a review to see if Electrical Charging points can be incorporated into the re-building of the Boleshills Pavillion has been commissioned.

"I hope that this is the first step in a programme that not only improves the service offerings to park users, but also has a real benefit for the environment in our parks, as vans will no longer be pumping out fumes.”

“I know how enthusiastic Councillor Tim Huggan has been about getting these points installed in our cities many wonderful open spaces, and it will be great to see it come to fruition.

"I hope that this will lead to a city-wide programme to have charging points installed in more parks as soon as possible.”

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