Liberal Democrats Call for Support for Young Adults During Cost-of-Living Crisis

Young people across our city are finding themselves with increasing rents or facing being moved out of their homes at short notice. As a council, we must offer more support

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jul 12, 2022 6:07

A row of terraced houses

Sheffield Lib Dems are calling for increased support for young people during the cost-of-living crisis as the City Council works to help those most in need.

The party’s Councillors are campaigning for more support for young people who rent homes in the City and are facing increasing costs for housing and energy; this comes alongside their calls to support those in Council Housing and pensioners who have been hard-hit by rising-prices.

The calls came at a meeting of the Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee as plans to distribute the Governments Housing Support Fund were discussed, these identify other groups that need support, but overlook young people.

Councillor Joe Otten Said, “Young people across our city, who are more likely to have ‘unreliable’ incomes are finding themselves with increasing rents or facing being moved out of their homes at short notice. These individuals need our support to get through this cost of living crisis, and the Council must do all it can to help them if they are facing homelessness or poor housing conditions.”

Lib Dem Leader in Sheffield Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed added, “Our city’s young people, particularly those leaving care need our help. The Governments Housing Support Fund is largely aimed at older residents and families, who of course may also need assistance, especially in current circumstances, but we feel that younger people are often being left behind and may be falling through the gaps in the system.”

“With often minimum wage jobs and zero hour contracts, those who have more recently entered the workforce can find themselves quickly falling into debt and bad housing conditions. We want the Government and the Council to do all it can to help these people. Privately rented accommodation needs to kept up to standard as we all feel the pinch, we are already hearing stories of landlords not keeping properties in a good condition and pushing up rental prices; it’s a very worrying trend.”

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