Liberal Democrats say Building Local Business Will Help Cost-Of-Living Crisis

We've outlined our plans to help Sheffield get through the current cost-of-living crisis. Businesses create jobs, support communities, and bring in more taxes to the Town Hall. Let's support them

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jun 13, 2022 11:06

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Sheffield is currently in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis, with residents struggling to make ends meet. The Liberal Democrats have outlined their plans to help Sheffield get through the crisis. They believe that building a stronger local business base and ensuring residents have access to good jobs will be a fundamental-driver in helping Sheffielders through the crisis.

Sheffield Liberal Democrats used the first major council meeting after the local elections to stress the importance of supporting local businesses. Local businesses will help Sheffield through the cost-of-living crisis - and the council through its budget crisis.

Getting Sheffield through the cost-of-living crisis

As fuel and food prices continue to rise, families in Sheffield are feeling the pinch. Many are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of basic necessities, and some are even cutting back on essential items like food and heating in order to make ends meet. It's clear that the current economic climate is taking its toll on many people in Sheffield.

Not only can businesses help grow the economy for residents, it'll also help the council with its massive budget blackhole.

It is no secret that Sheffield City Council is in dire financial straits. This has been putting pressure on vital services such as rubbish collection and social care. However, there is a way to help ease the burden on the council and ensure that these important services can continue.

Lib Dem Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed, who will be proposing the motion said, “Successful businesses not only bring jobs and prosperity to the City, reducing poverty across Sheffield, but also support local community projects and play an important role in improving our environment.” 

“We know the impact the cost of living crisis could have on the people of Sheffield, in particular the poorest in society, who are the least equipped to deal with the rising costs of food and energy. We want to do everything we can to help those most in need. This motion seeks to give real assistance to people across the city, aiming for a long-term reinvigoration of the Sheffield economy.”

Councillor Martin Smith, who will Chair the Council's new Economic Development Committee added, “We all know Sheffield as a city has much to offer businesses both big and small with its great location, wonderful and diverse people, proud manufacturing heritage, social history, landscape and built environment. This alongside our cities amazing cultural offer needs to be put to use to help attract jobs and investment in Sheffield.”

“Our motion proposes working collaboratively with businesses and other organisations that want to invest in our city; working to revitalise both our city centre and the other district centres across the Sheffield Council area to make them attractive places to do business. We also need to make sure that all Councillors act as ambassadors for Sheffield and build relationships with businesses to help build and sustain our local economy.”

“Of course, we need to ensure that Council policies and initiatives do not actively deter organisations coming to Sheffield or harm the prospects of those that are already here, whilst making sure businesses contribute to the local society and environment. Finally, we need to explore ways of using our heritage to support businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector which has been badly affected by the pandemic and recent rises in business costs, as we rebuild our cities economy.”

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