New 20mph zone for Woodseats

A new 20mph zone is being implemented Woodseats making it a safer place for everyone.

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jun 15, 2022 6:06

Graves Park Liberal Democrats are celebrating a victory after the council's Transport committee voted in favour of a new 20mph zone in Woodseats.

Local Lib Dem councillors Sue Auckland, Ian Auckland, and Steve Ayris are delighted that a new 20mph zone will be implemented in Woodseats. The Lib Dem councillors have campaigned for years to improve road safety locally and are happy this project has progressed.

Though there were several comments, ninety-one per cent of people who responded to the Council’s consultation did not object to the scheme.

The zone will stretch along both sides of Woodseats Road up to Cobnar Road, but miss out Woodseats Road itself and most of Chesterfield Road. However, there will be a 20mph zone outside Woodseats Primary School during school times only. The changes are due to come in later this year.

The new 20-mph limits will be indicated by traffic signs and road markings. There won’t be any physical changes like speed humps or the like as part of these plans. Speed limit signs will mark the entrances to each 20-mph area, additional smaller signs will be fixed to lamp posts to remind drivers of the new speed limit.

"This is something we've been campaigning on for many years, we're pleased to see this move forward and hope it will make a difference to the safety of everyone in Woodseats.

“I am very happy to see this scheme move forward but as local councillors, we were disappointed that there are no plans to improve safety on Woodseats Road. We will continue to work with you and follow how successful this scheme is," said local councillor Steve Ayris.

Councillor Sue Auckland added, "I am really happy to see the new 20mph zone will be implemented - especially the changes near Woodseats Primary School.

"There has been a number of accidents and near misses in the area so hopefully these changes will improve the safety of the parents and children."

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