Victory for food waste recycling!

In a massive victory for tackling climate change, Liberal Democrats have secured a food waste recycling trial in Sheffield.

By Sheffield Liberal Democrats, Jun 22, 2022 11:06

Our fight against climate change has taken a huge step forward. We have succeeded in securing a food waste recycling trial in Sheffield!

Residents of 8,000 homes will soon be given new kitchen caddies and food waste bags which when full can be put in a bigger bin outside. The collection bins will then be taken by Veolia every week. The Council will be in touch with you soon if you are in a trial area.

We think this will not only encourage use - but stop food rotting in the black bin for two weeks.

Food rots and releases methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Introducing food waste recycling in Sheffield will be as good for the environment as taking 86,000 cars off our streets!

Lib Dem Councillor Joe Otten who chairs this committee said, "I am so excited about this news! It's exactly what we needed to see in order for there be any real progress on tackling climate change.

"Around 50% of towns and cities already have a scheme like this so we know it can be successful. We will be closely monitoring the trial to make sure it's done properly and it's right for Sheffield

"With the Government bringing in laws to make every council recycle food waste, I'm happy that we've finally taken the initiative to bring the trial in.

"What other single decision could have the same impact as taking 86,000 cars off the streets? The Liberal Democrats don't just talk about climate change - we get stuff done."

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