Councillors Gail Smith and Glynis Chapman campaigning to bring the two Halfway Schools together

Our plan for the former Knowle Hill

Do you believe our area's children deserve better educational facilities? If so, we need your help!

We, the Liberal Democrat councillors, have a vision for a better future for our young learners. We propose to:

  1. Re-purpose the former Knowle Hill Residential Care Home site for use by the education department.
  2. Relocate Halfway Nursery Infant School to join forces with its fellow Junior School, streamlining resources and providing a more comprehensive education experience for our children.

As schools nationwide grapple with financial constraints, we believe that bringing these two schools together will result in significant savings on staffing and maintenance costs - making those resources available for creating a higher-quality education for our future generations.

We know this change won't happen over night. However, we firmly believe that this opportunity can provide long-term benefits to our community by fostering an outstanding educational foundation for our little ones.

But we cannot do this alone – we need YOUR support! Sign our petition today to back our campaign, show your commitment to elevating the educational standards in our community, and let your voice be heard!

Together, we can make real use of this land and build something that will truly benefit us all – an improved education facility where young minds can thrive! Remember, every signature counts. 

Knowle Hill: From Derelict Building to Dream School

We the undersign call upon SCC , l to make the land at Halfway Centre Known as Knowle Hill, next to the Junior school, change to Education Land , so that in the future This is where the Infant school could be re located, to bring the schools together, we know that will be in the in future. But we do NOT Want this land to become housing, We feel that housing can be built anywhere, But the school cannot.

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